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I love how you wrote about strengthening attention - "re-watching the details, gestures and stylistic nuances that surprised me again and again, and trying to figure out why."

Yes! I find that when I do this - when I am able to do this - there is a stabilizing depth which happens. It slows me down to heartbeat. I've never seen anyone describe this the way you can. You watch it happen in yourself. You are a deep watcher. You ponder. And you sit with things; you don't rush them to define themselves - you just sit with them until they really show themselves to you. And then you put them down in writing. I think it's a pretty rare gift you've got! And the things you ponder are so fascinating! The ideas you introduce into my head are things I never thought about before, and then I wonder why I never thought about them before, because they might be rare, quirky, strange, transfixing, or startling, and yet always so intuitive.

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