email no. 11: What I learned from the latest batch of post-apocalyptic sci-fi
email no. 10: the articles, books, movies and more that provided some refuge in a year full of anxious fixations.
email no. 9: On re-learning how to pay attention.
email no. 8
email no. 7: 34 enjoyable albums from the first half of 2021, plus suggested readings on loneliness and beauty, animated short recommendations, and a…
email no. 6: I've been thinking too much about the end of the world.
email no. 5: an ode to singular culture. Plus an interview with the author of Feminist City, and a month's worth of recommendations from the realms of…
Email no. 4: A cautionary tale from the world of weird fiction. Plus AM Affirmations, an interview with the directors of Alien on Stage, and an…
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