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I have enjoyed spending time here, exploring and interacting. Big favourites were: Stephen Axford's Fungi, (I think he's my new favourite person) Your words, "It’s like we decided that if this world wasn’t made for us, we would have to get rid of it and create one that was," re: erasing the stars, and the revelation suddenly of how true this is. Hannah Peel's Fur Wave, which I listened to several times, The line: Life shelters death from forever, the CryptoNaturalist, which I don't understand but enjoy thinking about. Allen Ginsberg's Father Death Blues, which I heard previously on your radio program, but really enjoyed hearing again (also played it several times now). This: “Whenever Hollywood does a movie on artists they don’t know how to deal with what drives an artist,” Elaine de Kooning. Microbes Don't Actually Look Like Anything. And mostly I am absorbing and enjoying how these different things, this collection of thoughts, sounds, visuals, and ideas have worked together, enhancing and expanding and playing upon each other.

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